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Do You Understand This English Sentence?

Do You Understand This English Sentence?

Date: Oct 08 2018

Topic: Reading

Author: englishteacher24/7


This forum is created to assist you in understanding English sentences. Please feel free to participate and ask questions.


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United States

Sally, you are correct. The comma placement can make a vast difference in understanding written English. In spoken English, the speaker would pause slightly.

I am humbled by your compliment. Thanks for your participation. The next lesson is coming.

05:33 PM Oct 15 2018 |

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Hello, my  great teacher!  There should be a comma after the word “ate”.

09:07 PM Oct 12 2018 |


United States

Amira, Bingo! You got it. The purpose is to show the importance of comma placement, and to help you to become a careful reader.

In the sentence, there are 2 thoughts (clauses). One thought is, “While Bob ate” and the other thought is, “an apple was in the basket.”

Any other way, the sentence doesn’t make sense.

Good job! I’m planning more lessons for this forum.

05:48 AM Oct 11 2018 |

La Princesse de la vie


Hi Mr. Alston,

like “While Bob ate, an apple was in the basket”?

06:39 PM Oct 10 2018 |


United States

Hello Amira, thanks for your answer. However, to understand this sentence, consider these two hints:

It requires where you place a comma.

Did Bob necessarily eat an apple?

01:18 AM Oct 10 2018 |

La Princesse de la vie


Hi Mr. Alston,

I’m glad to see a new forum of yours :) 

I think it means when Bob ate an apple that was previously in the basket!

09:36 PM Oct 08 2018 |


United States

Lesson No. 1: “While Bob ate an apple was in the basket.”

Question: Can you explain the above sentence?

This is the first lesson on a new forum created to help your understanding of sentences in various categories of English. Your participation will determine the success of this forum.

04:18 AM Oct 08 2018 |

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