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quite and rather

quite and rather

Date: Feb 10 2010

Topic: Grammar

Author: Ryo94t


Quite=less  than  (very) but  more  than ( a little ):

Example ;

I’m surprised  you haven’t  heard  of her. He is  quite  famous.=less  than  very famous but more than  a little  famous )

It’s  quite cold. You  had  better  wear  your  coat .

Lucy  lives  quite  near me ,so so we see each other’s quite  often.

Quite  goes  before  a/an:

Quite  a nice day.

Quite  an old  house .

Sometimes  we use quite+ noun(without adjective)

I didn’t  expect to see them. it was quite a surprise .

We also use  quite  with some verbs, especially like and enjoy;

I quite like  tennis but it not  my favorite  sport.

Quite sometimes  means  completely  .see section c.

Rather  is similar to quite .we use  mainly  with negative  words  and negative ideas;

Its  rather  cold .you had better wear your coat.

Let’s  get taxi. Its rather  long  way to walk.

Quite is also possible in these  example.

Often  we  use  quite  appositive idea and rather   with  a negative idea

She  quite intelligent  but rather  lazy.

When we use rather with  positive words(nice/interesting  etc.) it means unusually

Or surprisingly for example  rather nice =unusually nice/surprisingly nice/nicer than expected;

These oranges  are  rather  nice .where did  you get them?

Rather can go  before or  after a/an so you can say;

Rather interesting  book            or            rather an interesting book.

Quite  also  means  completely  for example ;

Are you sure ? yes quite sure = completely

Quite  means completely  with    a number of adjective  especially;

Sure /right/true /clear/difficult/incredibale/amzing/certain/worong/safe/obvious/unnecessary/extraordinary/impssible

She  was  quite  different  from what  I expected =completely different)

We  also use  quite = completely with some verbs  for example;

I quite agree with you.

Not quite =not completely

They  haven’t  quite  fished  their dinn


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